Social Phobia

Social Phobia is my second digital album. I consider the album to be a step up from my first collection of music but it is not something I am proud of. The entire process of creating the album from beginning to end was A difficult learning process. The songs might be decent but production quality on the album is very bad. The music is a mix of electronic mixed with rock. Beyond that I have a hard time trying to get more specific on what type of genre of music Social Phobia would fall under.

The Great Update of 2015 (MR4 Begins)

Lots of changes have taken place starting with the switch from to  My focus is now entirely dedicated to music. I have abandoned my video projects.  I'm also going by the name "MR4" which is just an abbreviation of my previous alias. Some major upgrades on my music studio have taken place along with the unexpected switch from Pro Tools to Cakewalk Sonar. Now that work on my website is complete I can go full steam ahead on my musical endeavors. As long as my day job doesn't continue to get in the way.

Game Covers

Game Covers is A ten track video game soundtrack cover music album. Wow that first sentence was amazing. If you are a big video game person this might tickle your fancy. These are not original songs created by myself they are re-creations of other peoples music originally featured in video games that I have replicated and altered. None of the audio from the original songs are being used.