Game Covers

Game Covers 2015.jpg
Current Release: November 26, 2014
Production Years: 2011, 2014
Genre: Electronic, Video Game Music
Vocals: No
Album Length: 31 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Software Used: Pro Tools | REASON | Air Hybrid | Waves Plugins | Windows XP

Hardware Used: M-Audio Delta 44 | M-Audio BX5a Studio Monitors | Schector C-7 Hellraiser | Schecter Raiden Special-5

Game Covers 2015.jpg

Summary: Game Covers is An ongoing video game music cover album. Wow that first sentence was amazing. If you are a big video game person this might tickle your fancy. These are not original songs created by myself they are re-creations of other peoples music originally featured in video games that I have replicated and altered. None of the audio from the original songs are being used.

Production: This project began in 2011 out of boredom. As a kid I played a lot of video games and I loved the music in them. I wanted to try and revamp some of the songs into something new and fresh. I start by replicating the songs as best as I can in pro tools. From here I alter arrangements and riffs within the project. The first collection of ten songs I started in 2011 was finally finished in 2014.  Even though I have released this music project I plan to return to it sometime in the future and add more songs to the collection and possibly improve upon the current ones.

Final Thoughts: This was a fun project that may be continued at a later time. If I get the itch to screw with more video game music I will just add it to this already existing collection.

Track Information

Metal Gear Solid Mix - This is a mix of 3 songs from Metal Gear Solid merged together: Introduction, Mantis' Hymn, and Warhead Storage. I didn't want to stray to far away from the original sound as much as other tracks in this collection.

Guile Theme - This theme goes with everything, even Super Street Fighter 2. This is my personal favorite out of the 10 tracks and was the easiest to create, everything just worked out during the creation process.

Act On instinct - This track is just as rockin as the original. Orginally featured in Command & Conquer. Composed by Frank Klepacki and fucked up by MR4. I have some issues with how it turned out but still a solid song.

Iron Piston - Oldschool PC gamers might recognize this from Mechwarrior 2. Song originally composed by Jeehun Hwang. I love the low tempo hip-hop feel of the drums in this one.

Peril - From Halo 2, the most current out of this collection. This cover song was an experiment. Instead of trying to improve on the original which was already perfect I decided to replicate it exactly but using only guitars (and a bass guitar and a very faint string synth). Mission Accomplished!

Scouting - Another Command & Conquer related track, this one is from Tiberian Sun my personal favorite in the C&C series. With this one I did some major changes from the original as far as instrumentation within the song. More dingy and electronic.

Goldeneye 007 Mix - N64 Goldeneye 007, what a classic. This is a combination of different songs from the game. Original songs being covered are Surface, Cradle, Facility, Main Theme, and some other stuff.

Simple Rating - I have never played the game that went with this song (Street Fighter Alpha 3). It was a request by a fan of my guile theme. So I decided to give it a try and try I did. I might have jumped too far away from the original sound, seeing as how I have no personal attachment to this song or the game it was in.

Grabbage - I feel I should have done a normal cover of this instead of a piano melody. Original version of this song was the main theme of Duke Nukem 3D. I decided to cover this using only pianos and it may have become too distant from what duke nukem is. Also this was by far the biggest pain in the ass to create. I ran into so many issues on the production side.

Mountain - The most obscure and oldest of all the songs on this album. Originally featured in Jurassic Park on the Super Nintendo.