The Void

The Void Album Banner v2.jpg
Final Release: June 22, 2018
Production: 2009-2011, 2017-2018
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Vocals: Yes
Album Length: 49 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Software Used: Pro Tools | Addictive Drums | Waves Plugins | Windows XP

Hardware Used: M-Audio Delta 44 |  Gibson SG | Schector C-7 | Schecter Raiden Special-5

Album Cover

Summary: Much like Social Phobia, The Void was a long difficult learning experience.  The album is guitar driven and is my first project to include vocals.  Being new to working with vocals in combination with a rushed mixing schedule the final product of this album is not good as far production quality is concerned.  There are two versions of this album available for download, one with vocals and an instrumental only version (I prefer the one without vocals).

Production: Some of the original demo songs for The Void were created back in 2009, that makes for almost a ten year time frame from conception to completion. However during a majority of that time the songs were never touched. I guesstimate that I spent a good solid 2 years on and off working on this album. All the original demo songs were first created from 2009 to 2011.  This was also around the time I was working on the first version of Social Phobia. Similar to working on Social Phobia when I first started working on The Void I knew almost nothing about audio engineering. Once I finally completed Social Phobia in 2016 I was ready to go back and finish The Void.  My goel with this project was to be heavy on the guitars and minimal use of synths. I was also determined to include vocals.

Mid way through 2017 is when I got serious about moving this project forward.  Almost all the guitar tracks were re-recorded and rearranged from the previous demo versions.  Working on rock music was a challenge.  Most of my experience up to that point was electronic music and I now know from experience that working in a digital only environment with synths is faster and easier than creating songs that use mostly analogue recordings of instruments. Those macbook musicians have their studio difficulty set to easy.  writing lyrics and then attempting to sing in perfect pitch was an even bigger challenge than the guitars.  The difference is that I already know how to play a guitar but I am not a singer so it took many many takes just to get one line in that sounded half decent.  Vocals are something that adds meaning to a song so I still plan to write lyrics and compose vocal melodies but in the future I plan to just find other people to sing for me.

When March 2018 rolled around I was given an actual deadline by myself to be finished before June due to the fact that my home studio would be boxed up for an unforeseeable amount of time. The mixing process was rushed and it shows on the final product. In the future I will return to this project and improve the mix but until then I am happy with what I was able to put out in the limited amount of time I had.

Final Thoughts: Similar to previous albums The Void was a learning experience from beginning to end. This is me putting my flavor on the Rock music genre.  Although I'm no singer and listening to my own voice makes my cringe I have stepped into another new element of music production.