The Great update of 2017

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Back to Pro Tools...
In my previous update (from two years ago) I stated that I had switched over to using Cakewalk Sonar.  Shortly after that I decided to move back to Pro Tools 7 M-Powered.  I have three projects that I need to complete that were started using Pro Tools and switching to a different program or even a different version of Pro Tools to complete them was not going to work. Once these projects are complete then I will think about moving to a newer DAW environment and finally say goodbye to windows XP.  Pro Tools 7 was released in 2007 and XP was released in 2001 but if the shit works why stop using it.

Music Projects
Also in my previous update I said I was working on a project that was started long ago, due to life being difficult I have not been able to work on that project very much until recently.  I'm deep in production on that album and hope to complete it before the year is over.  It is a very guitar heavy album and includes vocals. Once that is complete I will begin work on finishing another album that is much more electronic driven.  The third project I hope to complete by mid 2018 is an updated version of my Game Covers album.  I will add a few more songs and improve on some of the current ones that are already on the album.

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Logo and Design
My logo has also changed along with my art direction.  I have removed all the red and will now be going with nothing but monochrome, I'm just a very black and white kind of guy. The logo I have now has a much more modern appearance than the 2015 version.