The Void Album Cover.jpg

The Void

Production Years: 2009-2011, 2017-2019
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock
Album Length: 50 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Summary: The Void is my third original album. Unlike previous projects this album is almost entirely guitar driven rock music and is the first to include vocals. Similar to Social Phobia the production process was a difficult learning experience. There are two versions to download, the “Normal” that includes vocals, and an Instrumental only version.

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Game Covers 2015.jpg

Game Covers

Production Years: 2011, 2014, 2018
Genre: Electronic, Video Game Music
Album Length: 40 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Summary: These are not my own original compositions, instead they are re-creations of songs originally featured in video games.

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SF v2015.jpg

Social Phobia

Production Years: 2009 - 2013, 2016
Genre: Post Rock
Album Length: 40 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Summary: Social Phobia is my second album.  The entire process of creating the album from beginning to end was A long and difficult learning process. This is an instrumental album that mixes elements of electronics and guitars.

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Electric Shock 2015.jpg

Electric Shock

Production Years: 2008 - 2011
Genre: Electronic
Album Length: 37 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Summary: Electric Shock was my first attempt at creating music. This collection of music is a good example of amateur crap.

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