The Great Update of 2012-2014

Intro: This is an overview of events taking place in 2012-2013. During this time did not exist. Everything I was doing was credited under the name MR ANDY with acting as my main source on the web. It wasn't until 2015 when things switched over to MR4.


2012 the year of Youtube: I did not work on much music in 2012.  It wasn't until the last quarter of the year that I had began work on re-creating the album Social Phobia. Looking back this was a terrible mistake on my part. I was not working for A majority of the year and did not take advantage of all the time at my disposal. Most of my efforts were put into video creation in the youtube world. Video editing and special FX is a nice skill-set to have but I have not gotten much use out of it and it certainly does not tickle my fancy as much as music.


The dark times of 2013:  Throughout the entire year of 2013 I was busy working at a job that has nothing to do with any of this. My time was limited and my motivation was gone, moving a couple times didn't help ether.  I had gone on a hiatus for half the year. Someone should write a novel out of this because it's getting real depressing and sad up in here. Around June I started getting back into the world of content creation. Made improvements on my website, My web skills have never been very impressive so the site looked like it was from the mid 2000s . I began slaving away on Social Phobia, a project that came with a lot of setbacks and headaches. Along with the music I was getting back into creating youtube videos.  This was to much work to take on with little time available.  Over the following year I would learn that I could not do both and would eventually abandon the video thing (Insert sad smiley face here > :(  damn that ended up looking like an angry face). After a lot of frustration and cussing (shit and fuck were always the go-to words) A second demo version of Social Phobia would be completed in November. The final product was very disappointing because of my lack of mixing and mastering experience. I would later return to the project and finish it in 2016.

2014 Covering Video Games:  The only music project I worked on in 2014 was finishing the first release of my Video Game Covers album.  This project originally began in 2011 but it was left untouched until 2014 rolled around.  Besides releasing Video Game Covers most of my time was spent working a shit ass job and playing minecraft.