Social Phobia

Final Release: November 26, 2016 Production Years: 2009-2013, 2016 Genre: Electronic, Post Rock
Vocals: No
Album Length: 42 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Software Used: Pro Tools | REASON | Air Hybrid | Waves Plugins | Windows XP

Hardware Used: M-Audio Delta 44 | M-Audio BX5a Studio Monitors | Schector C-7 Hellraiser | Schecter Raiden Special-5

Album Cover

Summary: Social Phobia is my second digital album. I consider the album to be a step up from my first collection of music but the production quality is not perfect. The entire process of creating the album from beginning to end was A very long and difficult learning process. The music is a mix of electronic mixed with rock. Beyond that I have a hard time trying to get more specific on what music genre Social Phobia would fall under. This project was my first time working with analogue audio, mixing/mastering, and Pro Tools software.

Production: Some of the songs on Social Phobia were first started in 2009. At the time I had no real audio production experience and it was my first time working with Pro Tools as my DAW. During that year I created a lot of sample tracks (mostly crap). In 2010 I selected 13 tracks to focus on and that would become the first incarnation of this album. Previously all of my work was created in a digital only environment but now I had the ability to add guitar tracks into the mix.  This created an odd genre mix between electronica and rock that can be heard in the final product. I excluded some of my better songs because they fell under the metal category and that would have created a major genre leap throughout the album. In May 2010 I finished a shitty demo version of this album. During 2011 I worked on another project called "The Void" after finishing a ruff copy of that album my production skills had improved. I was very ashamed with Social Phobia and felt that I could make it better.

When 2012 rolled around I began production on Social Phobia once more. Because of lost data I had to take a step back on half of the tracks and use old demo versions (shit happens). A couple songs I just scrapped completely and replaced them with demo tracks from The Void.  Production came to a halt because life outside of music got a little hectic this included moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Year is now 2013 and Social Phobia was put on hold for months but production on the project once again continued at a very slow pace. My motivation was taking a major tool and I had very little time available to dedicate to music. I originally wanted to include vocals on this album but it became to overwhelming trying to add a whole new element that I had no experience in.

Once I had completed the songs the next step was trying to make them sound good, mixing and mastering is what they call it in the biz. This task is not very easy when you have no experience at it and the equipment you are using is low end. So I had to learn through a horrifically frustrating method called trial and error. After a lot of error and yelling the sound of the songs started improving.  The album was considered done on November 26, 2013.

Skip forward two years to the beginning of 2016 and I once again began re-working on Social Phobia.  During this 3rd production phase I was focused on improve the production of the songs rather then composing and altering the arrangements.  Some alterations did take place but only because I ran into more corrupted files and lost data (shit continues to happen).  This in itself was a learning experience.  The lesson hear is practice good file management and back up your shit! Finally by the end of 2016 I had reached A point with this project that I was willing to call it complete. Still some problems with sound quality but its good enough for listening.

Final Thoughts: Much like Electric Shock, the first pile of shit I created, this album served It's purpose as A training process that has allowed me to advance my skills in music production.  I hope future projects go much smoother then this one.  After listening to it I have no Idea what to label this collection of music.  
I guess I will just say it is music...