The Great Update of 2015 (MR4 Begins)

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Website Domain Change
Lots have changes have happened this year. First off, my official website is no longer,  I have changed it to This website is now fully dedicated to my music efforts and nothing else. I have stripped all unrelated projects of mine off of the site. As far as my video hobby goes, youtube does a fine job at hosting videos and creating a social network around them, attempting to do it again on this site is a bit pointless. I still own the domain but it will just forward you back to this site. For people interested in my random and crappy videos, you can subscribe over on Youtube, I may also use my Facebook Page to give updates on video projects (if I even end up doing more videos). I have also switched over to Squarespace for all my website hosting needs.  Since 2008 I had built and maintained my website from scratch. My web design skills could only get mo so far and I do not have time to learn more advanced techniques. Squarespace handles all the hard stuff for me and makes this website presentable on all devices. Only downside is giving up the ability to have a completely unique website layout. So far I don't regret the switch and this website is far better then anything I could have developed on my own.

2015 Logo

What the hell is "MR4"
When I first signed up for XBox live in 2006 I used the name MR ANDY and have been using the name for everything I do on the interwebs. Crediting my music under the name Mr Andy seems a little corny to me. Because I'm so brilliant I came up with MR4, MR is for "Mr" and the 4 represents the "A" in Andy. So it is an abbreviation of Mr Andy! The proper pronunciation is "Em are four". I will no longer be using the alias Mr Andy when crediting and promoting my music. I also created an official logo to make me seem a bit more Legitimate! Yay happy fun times.!


Music Studio Upgrades
Since my last music project (Game Covers 2014) I have made a lot of upgrades to my Studio. Built A new computer with windows 7 on it. Previously I was using Windows XP on a broke ass machine from 2004. Upgraded to bigger & better studio monitors along with a new audio interface. Previously I was using Pro Tools M-powered 7 as my DAW. I attempted to upgrade to Pro Tools 10 but because of compatibility issues I had to ditch Pro Tools all together. I have ended up with Cakewalk SONAR as my DAW of choice. The fact that it is windows exclusive made me give it a try. So far I am very happy with the switch and a certainly don't miss Pro Tools, sometimes I would refer to it as Error Tools because of all the bullshit it put me through. 


Future Projects
I'm currently working on my next batch of music but progress has been going extremely slow. I'm having to learn new software on this project because it's my first time using cakewalk sonar. The songs I'm working on are based on old demos that date back as far as 2009, that's six years ago! It's going to be a guitar heavy album with the synths taking a back seat. The songs were started during the production on Social Phobia but were excluded because that album was focused more on electronic music. Because of the software switch over I have to export all my progress from Pro Tools and start again in SONAR, this process has been a bit of a setback. I was originally planning on completing this project in November of this year but I am not even close to finishing.  The new release date I'm shooting for is November 26, 2016.