My name is Andy and I like to make the music, I use the alias "MR4". If I'm not working on music I'm usually enjoying long walks on the beach and dinner by candlelight. I'm currently located in the San Francisco bay area, isn't that amazing? I've been working on music at a very slow and steady pace since 2008. That's really all that needs to be said about me at this time. If you have any further questions or comments you can get in touch with my by using any of the links at the bottom of this page.



Most of my music falls under the electronic category (not EDM). I also mix a lot of rock and metal into the mix but I myself have a hard time trying to slap a genre label on my creations. Lets just call it "music". All of my songs can be streamed from this website and downloaded for free, Yes I said FREE. I do not do this for money I do it for the love of it. I compose songs in my home studio using Pro Tools as my digital audio workstation.  The following is a breakdown of components used in my creation process; Software Synths, Drum Machines, Guitars, Keyboards, and Vocals.


Hardware Used | M-Audio Delta 44 | JBL LSR308 + 310 | Boss ME-50 | Schecter C-7 Hellraiser | Schecter Raiden Special-5 | Casio CDP-120
Software Used | Pro Tools M-Powered 7 | REASON | Waves Plugins | Addictive Drums | Windows XP |