Electric Shock

Electric Shock 2015.jpg
Final Release: November 26, 2011
Production Years: 2008 - 2011 Genre: Electronic, Shitty
Vocals: No
Album Length: 37 Minutes
Availability: Free .zip folder Download

Software Used: REASON | FL Studio | Windows XP

Hardware Used: Desktop Computer (eMachines T3092)

Electric Shock 2015.jpg

Summary: Electric Shock was my first attempt at creating music. This collection of music is a good example of amateur crap. Songs were created using REASON and FL Studio and later finalized using Pro Tools. Electric Shock was created in a digital only environment, no audio recording or live instruments of any kind were used in the process. All of the songs are very basic and seem empty compared to my more recent works. Everyone has to start somewhere and apparently I started in the gutter.

Production: Production on the album began at the beginning of 2008 when I first got into composing using DAW software. I was exposed to the concept of using a computer to create music while in a computer related class in Highschool. I torrented REASON and a classmate had recomended FL Studio so I went back and forth between the two audio workstations. I had created a large amount of really bad tracks while learning music composition. I released some of the tracks as a demo version of Electric Shock and called it done in 2009. The project was put on the shelf due to a switch from REASON & FL Studio to Pro Tools, during that time I was working on Social Phobia. In 2011 I decided to select thirteen of the least crappiest songs and touch them up a bit, the result is the current version of "Electric Shock".

Final Thoughts: Electric Shock is a big pile of shit but it served It's purpose as my gateway into Music Production. The only reason I allow other people to hear this collection of crap is to show my origins. Normally people don't get to hear the crappy music their favorite bands created when they first formed.