Error 404 - The page you are looking for does not exist

Why would this happen?
Scientists have often wondered why pages cannot be found or simply do not even exist in the first place. There are a handful of theories on this matter:

  • Online Piracy - When people "steal" digital media off of the internet it forces major cutbacks. This means websites can only afford to maintain half of their content on the internet.
  • Fat People - When a person visits a website they use a portion of that websites available bandwidth. When a fat person visits a website they have to use twice as much bandwidth. Sites unprepared for large amounts of heavy users can end up crashing.
  • Terrorism - Terrorists are very bad at designing websites. They often forget to update their hyper links and search engine listings. Their priorities are more focused on blowing things up rather then fixing them.
  • Union Workers - It takes 3 Union Employed Web Developers to create a web page. One to design it and two more to watch the first one do it. If work conditions are not up to par with royalty level accommodations the developers will go on strike and production on the web page will come to a halt.
  • "Error 404" - It has been rumored that Error 404 was created by a very unhappy computer programmer. Said computer genius was turned down by 404 women over the course of his lifetime. Seeking vengeance upon this cruel world he travels the interwebs unleashing his "404 Error message" to make others suffer just as he had suffered.